About Our Company

Beginning in 1992 from a company headquartered in Hong Kong serving the local market, C-MAX Asia today has evolved to serve both domestic and international customers, and is continuing to expand our reach. We now provide solutions and products spanning various industry sectors – health, smart home, communications, toys…. just to name a few. Our business ranges from electronics solutions development to sales of electronic semiconductors, from supply of health-related products to development of life-style changing gadgets ,  from implementation of standard system solutions to customised software and hardware development.


Our vision is to “make the world a better place” via continuing technological innovations and providing to customers wherever they are, products which maximises their satisfaction, based on our ever growing experience and professionalism. We believe our continuous efforts will eventually lead to better lifestyle, well-being and health for global citizens.


Being renowned in the industry for high quality and upholding genuine integrity in both services and solutions to customers, C-MAX is proud to have a worldwide network of supplying partners and long-term customers. It is in our dictionary never to disappoint our valuable partners – both in the supply chain and the demand chain.


C-MAX’s products and solutions and their development aims at sustainability including meeting environmental criteria that address the full product development cycle, from energy savings and use of non-toxic materials to product longevity and efficient management processes.