General Description

The EM7604 is an advanced low power CMOS circuit intended to be used together with a 32.768 kHz tuning fork crystal as a low frequency clock oscillator. Except the crystal, no other external components are required. In order to achieve a high frequency accuracy, the matched crystals should have a ± 20ppm tolerance or tighter. Very low power consumption is guaranteed over an extremely wide supply voltage and temperature range. The EM7604 is available in a small SOT23-6 package and is a completely lead free product.


  • Very low power consumption: typ. 300nA
  • On chip integrated oscillation capacitors: CL=8pF
  • Matched low cost SMD quartz available from Micro Crystal, Switzerland
  • Compatibility with crystals having high series resistance
  • Very tight frequency tolerance
  • Excellent oscillator stability: 0.2 ppm/V
  • Wide supply voltage range: 1.2V to 5.5V
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Small SOT23-6 package
  • 100% lead free, RoHS compliant


  • General purpose clock generator for digital systems
  • Clock drivers for Real Time Clocks
  • Timekeeping in network servers and computers
  • Electricity, gas and water metering
  • Portable field communication
  • Mobile phones
  • Solution for problems with embedded quartz oscillators