W&S - Real Time Clock Product Table

Features EM3027I EM3027S V3020
Supply Voltage 1.3 to 5.5V 1.3 to 5.5V 1.2 to 5.5V
Standy Current, 25°C (Over temp) 350nA 350nA 0.4(0.6)uA
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 125°C -40°C to 125°C -40°C to 125°C
Embedded Crystal
Battery Switch Over * *
On chip frequency trimming * *
Temperature Sensor Readable * *
On chip temperature compensation Control * *
Trickle charge * *
Timer, Alarm, Pulse Interrupts(Clock Output) 1 IRQ 1 IRQ *
Interface 12C SPI 1-bit serial
User RAM and/or E2 PROM E2PROM 2 bytes
RAM 8 Bytes
E2PROM 2 bytes
RAM 8 Bytes
Package SO-8
Downloads Datasheet Factsheet Datasheet Factsheet

General Features:

  • Oscillator working with 32kHz crystal
  • Digital trimming for temperature compensation
  • No external component needed
  • Sleep mode capability
  • BCD output of second, minute, hour, day, date, week number, month and year
  • Leap year correction
  • Low power consumption


Product Comparison Table