Dedicated to the Bluetooth Smart Technology, C-MAX have launched a series of Bluetooth Smart Modules paired with mobile APP and software development support. Ranging from Beacon Broadcasting Modules to Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.2 Modules, C-MAX offers a great diversified range of solutions catered to different customer's needs

C-MAX Module Part Number Description Bluetooth Version Stack embedded Interface Size
CMM-9304-V1.0 Ultra-low power SoC module 4.2 SPI/I2C/UART 13.5x17.0mm
CMM-9301-V4.4 HCI module 4.0 X SPI 14.0x18.5mm
CMM-9301-V3.1S Low cost HCI module 4.0 X SPI 14.0x18.5mm
CMM-Beacon-3.0c BLE Broadcast-Scanning Bridge Module 4.0 X I2C 15.5x22.5mm
CMM-9301-SDTV2 System on Module with AT command interface 4.0 UART 15.5x22.5mm