The TSG200A is designed to allow transmission of radio controlled long wave signals at any location, with a reasonably wide coverage area. This feature opens a wide range of usage for the TSG200A, e.g. exhibition halls, clock/watch stores, basements (heating systems) and many other locations, where the reception of a time signal may be difficult. Therefore, the TSG200A is the perfect tool for all sales people, field engineers, product managers etc.

Furthermore, the TSG200A is capable of receiving the time signal transmitted by the transmitters for WWVB, DCF, MSF, JJY40, JJY60


  • Wide area transmission of radio control signal without need of external antenna connection
  • Radio controlled signal available for transmission include JJY40 (Japan), JJY60 (Japan), DCF (Germany), WWVB (USA), MSF (Great Britain)
  • RC application synchronisation in locations where no radio control signal is available
  • Internal real-time clock running on back-up battery to save and restore settings
  • Auto calculation of DST (daylight savings time) changeover
  • Able to check for the presence of radio control signal waves;
  • Able to check quality of the incoming radio control signal waves
  • Conversion of radio control signals by receiving a time code from one signal and transmitting as time code of another signal.
  • 9V rechargeable power supply, connectable to DC power line.
  • RS-232 interface to connect PC for downloading of reception information to be stored as a log file for future reference
  • High luminous backlight for easy viewing in dark surroundings

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